Rules of Engagement

If you are Republican, Tuesday was probably an awesome day for you.  Republicans now control the majority of both the Senate and House of Representatives, which politically speaking, is terrific news for them.  Bad news, however, for that Obama guy.

The President of the United States has more important things to worry about than who controls Congress.  For example, Michael Jordan recently criticized Obama’s golf skills.  Michael Jordan is a scratch golfer, meaning if he wanted to actually turn pro he probably could.  Michael Jordan making fun of Obama’s golf skills would be like Keith Richards making fun of Cory Monteith’s cocaine habit.  Michael Jordan making fun of Obama’s golf skills would be like Dennis Rodman making fun of that lady who wore a diaper on a cross-country adventure whose only endgame involved confronting a cheating ex for being too pants-soilingly crazy.  I think that’s a sufficient number of examples.  Moving on..

In addition to his embarrassing golf handicap (pun totally intended) President Obama has been wrestling with what to do about this whole ISIS situation.  For those of you who might be less enlightened, ISIS are the Michael Jordans of cutting people’s heads off.  Since their rise to prominence over the last few months, whether or not to take military action has been a controversial topic.  Obama, realizing he is the RZA to Congress’ GZA, ODB, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Cappodonna, and Raekwon, can pretty much do what he wants, suggesting existing statutes grant him authority to take military action, regardless of what Congress thinks.

However, when the Wu-Tang Clan writes dope raps, RZA simply doesn’t write all the lyrics and go lone wolf.  Everyone gets a verse in the Wu-Tang Clan.  Since Congress is now controlled by Republicans, Obama is seeking to extend a bit of a proverbial olive branch to his new conservative pals by seeking their approval for military intervention in Syria and Iran, where ISIS has control.  This urge to seek congressional approval is definitely a shift in the President’s earlier “I do what I want” train of thinking regarding military invention.  It seems like Mr. President either has a newfound soft-side for partisan politics, or maybe he just wants to step on as few toes as possible for the news two years.

Specifics will likely evolve later, such as the type and extent of the military action expected, but in the mean time, it seems as if President Obama is playing nice.  Obama did have some thoughts to say regarding terrorism in the Middle East, urging potential terrorists to “protect ya neck” and “I set the mic in flames, bomb like fighter planes Mc’s are shot down long range with sniper aim.”  When asked to further clarify his comments, as well as his thoughts on the mid-term elections, the president said, “U.S. government killa bees, and we bringin’ da swarm.” (Citation needed)


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